Thursday, June 19, 2008

Al Gore's Kilowatt Nightmare

I love this post about the Gore mansion. He got busted last year for being an energy glutton, and vowed to revamp his digs to be more energy efficient. The inconvenient truth is that he still doesn't get it.

As I've said before, when the doomsayers begin behaving like it's a serious problem, then they may have a better chance of being believed.


Anonymous said...

Al Gore, what a phony! It's just like the entire Democrat party steadfastly claiming that the global war on terror is the most important issue facing us today, yet none of them actually participate in it -- a good deal of the strapping young warriors claim to actually be exempt from serving because they are currently engaged in the culture war. An entire party of effete elitists.

Small Town Doc said...

I think McCain has a son in Iraq.

But the point of the post was that Al Gore once again talks the talk without really walking the walk.

Maybe he can slip into some vegan footwear to atone for his evil, carbon-belching ways.