Friday, March 6, 2009

YO! It's the First Lady!

I had to look closely at this picture to figure it out.

No--I get the part about Michelle Obama spending some time volunteering at a soup kitchen.

But it's like she's mugging for the camera, posing for a photo . . .

. . . and she is! The "homeless" dude that she is plating up a lunch for is taking her picture--WITH HIS CELL PHONE!

If it weren't for soup kitchens, many Americans would go to bed tonight without their cell phones.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious!!! Not really sure that the "homeless" guy is homeless (he might work there, or might have been walking by). Or, he might have had a "home" before the Obama recession, and all he has left is his cell phone. Or, he might be going John Galt, like Dr. Helen. Still, no matter what, it's really best to assume that he's a "homeless" guy with a fancy cell phone paid for by a productive white member of our once great country, just like the "cadillac driving welfare queens" from the Reagan era (that didn't actually exist, he kept repeating the story even after being informed that it was untrue). Did you also hear about the levitating train and acorn money in the stimulus bill, or the Jindal's Katrina story -- also not true, but these stories sound so good when repeated.

I didn't see you at CPAC, but will be looking for you at the "tea parties" -- quick, somebody tell Dick Cheney that deficits now matter!!

Anonymous said...

From Jon Swift: : "I think it's time we made the poor do their fair share and stop trying to soak the rich. Before we give the poor one cent more, they should be forced to prove that they have really hit rock bottom by selling everything they have, including their cellphones, flat-screen TVs, fancy clothes, cars and furniture. I know that if I became poor, the first thing I would do after putting the cat to sleep and pawning Mrs. Swift's wedding ring would be to sell my cellphone at the very least. And I certainly wouldn't expect to eat mushroom risotto. If we stopped making it so enjoyable to be poor, maybe we would have fewer lazy, greedy people who are just dying to live in poverty and leech off of the rest of us. Indeed, the reason for our economic decline may be that so many people want the benefits of being poor that they are dragging the economy down with them. We need to stop this rush to be poor before it is too late. So the First Lady should stop visiting soup kitchens and serving them gourmet food, which just encourages them. Only by making poverty less enticing can we hope to to save our economy."

Please read the rest at:

Small Town Doc said...

The thought crossed my mind that maybe the guy was an employee, or happened to be walking by, or whatever. But that's not the point.

I also see your point--if I was out of a job, and I still had my cell, I would probably try and hold on to my phone as long as I could to make my job search easier. If I had to, I might get a "pay-as-you-go" phone to save money.

Funny how YOU were the one to inject race into the discussion.

Being someone who is not that far removed from receiving food stamps has made me a little more informed and less cynical about economic disadvantages. Yeah--it's possible to be poor, and still have a phone, and a TV and a car. No one, under either the Reagan or Bush empires ever had to prove that they hit rock bottom in order to receive public assistance. There are some people out there, though, that might find themselves pawning that ring or doing without cable before they would let themselves and their families end up as regulars at the soup kitchen.

Oh, your niece "Tubby" sez hi. I've warned her about you.