Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jon Stewart's insider info

Much being made of Jon Stewart's skewering of Jim Cramer recently on his show. Cramer's kind of lame, so I guess Stewart figured he would be an easy target to shoot at. I mean, it's not like there isn't any other political fodder out there for the comedians, right? Bumbling foreign policy, our economy is "fundamentally sound," picking every tax cheat they can find for top posts, charging war vets for their care, silly fights with right-wing talkshow hosts in the middle of the deepest economic crisis in 70-odd years, etc.

Well, Stewart apparently had a little help:

Jon Stewart, the scourge of Wall Street and bane of CNBC, may have had a secret weapon in his corner to help him prep for his grudge match with "Mad Money" host, Jim Cramer - his older brother.

As the Wall Street Journal recently pointed out, Stewart's brother, Larry Leibowitz, is head of US Markets & Global Technology at NYSE Euronext. (Stewart's given surname is also "Leibowitz," but he famously told "60 Minutes" that he changed it to "Stewart" because Leibowitz "sounded too Hollywood"). Larry has also held high positions at Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley.

A Page Six spy who recently shared an elevator ride at the NYSE with Leibowitz and Big Board CEO Duncan Niederauer says, "They both got off on the sixth floor, after Leibowitz had practically been doing everything but shine his shoes for the short ride up. What a routine they have. One brother pretends to kick Wall Street's butt by crucifying Cramer on his show, while the other brother is down on Wall Street kissing it."

'Cause, you know, cable television is the real malevolent power behind the financial crisis. Mustache-twisting CEOs use financial news programs to manufacture consent!

I mean, that would be like me having a left-wing brother who reads Firedoglake and Talking Points everyday and probably has Carville and Begala on speed dial and . . .

. . . oh wait--I do!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for blowing the lid off this. If you ever switched over from FOX news (though I have to admit, that is a freaking funny channel -- Glen Beck almost always makes milk come out of my nose, and blood spew from my eyes!) , you would have seen Stewart go after the tax cheats and foreign policy, but unfortunately he hasn't gone after the completely f'ing made up bullsh*t about the vets health care... Jesus Christ, Dave, that's brain tumor territory. Did you hear that Malcolm X is Obama's dad, which really sucks because half the Conservatives are still holding on to the Birth Certificate story with both of their lobster boy appendages. I have to go, at this time of day I switch back between Mark Levin and Michael Savage (OMG, did you know his last name is really Weiner?)

Please watch the Cramer clip and show me anything that looks like Stewart is using some kind of insider information gleaned from his secret source on Wall Street.

FYI: I usually start the day with the Anchoress and Instaputz, directly from your site, just to get my blood boiling first thing, so keep up the good work.

Thanks for the personal inclusion though, and Carville has moved back to New Orleans. If you have his new #, please send it to me.

Still waiting on the whitey tape....

Petronia said...

Wait, so Jon "Stewart" has a spy to help him write material AND is Jewish???!!!? That explains everything!

Anonymous said...

It really does, and here's more funny from Glenn Beck:

on a recent Fox and Friends™ "...Beck claimed that he had conducted "research on" the so-called concentration camps being built by the Obama White House as part of a conspiracy to establish totalitarian rule in America and the he could not "debunk them." According to Beck, "If you have any fear that we might be heading toward a totalitarian state, look out. There is something happening in our country and it ain't good."

Good times?

Petronia said...

I heard the same claims about Bush, though.