Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin hates teen moms!

I'm working on a Russian post, but first . . . this stuff bothers me.

We all know that Gov. Palin supposedly "slashed" funding for teenage pregnant moms in Alaska. Kind of goes along with her being against women's rights and all that. Heartless, cruel woman.

Well, that is simply not true.

As this post points out, there was no cut in funding at all for the local Covenant House; in fact there was an increase--yes, you read that right:

It turns out that $5 million is the highball request for Covenant House and the $3.9 million is what Palin felt the agency deserved. As it happens, the $3.9 million actually represented a three-fold increase over the previous year. It was not, by any stretch of the imagination, a “slash” in the budget.

It has also been charged that Palin cut funding for "special needs" kids, by 62% according to CNN's Soledad O'Brien. Really?

This charge is based on looking at the budget for Alaska's Special Education Service Agency for 2007-2009. In fact, the December 2006 budget document that they cite would have been prepared by the outgoing administration — that of Republican Frank Murkowski, whom Palin defeated.

What's gone unmentioned is that the Palin signed into law a dramatic reform of the state's education financing system that equalizes aid to rural and urban districts, while significantly increasing funding for special needs students.

The reforms, in fact, increase spending for special needs children by 175 percent. As with the Covenant House, there was no “cut” or “slash.” There was a healthy increase.

Finally, this post contains a press release from the Executive Director of Covenant House Alaska. Read it for yourself, because I'm pretty sure you won't find it anywhere else, like the MSM, or DailyKos, or CrooksandLiars.

It just makes me wonder just how inaccurate are all the other smears about Palin.


Petronia said...

I recently read a post where he quoted from Henry Adams’ novel Democracy: "Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organization of hatreds." It's an interesting thought/observation.

Small Town Doc said...

Awesome quote, Petronia. I find it amazing that there is a reality out there that two different people can look at and come up with (at least) two diametrically opposed viewpoints of that same reality.

Anonymous said...

I too am disturbed by this. From an "S. Palin": it was reported that Sarah Palin sold the governers jet on E-Bay, when in fact she didn't -- it was sold privately at a $600,000 loss to the taxpayers to a republican donor from Valdez, who uses it to go on hunting trips (now that's roughing it, North Slope style). This "S. Palin" also claimed that Palin said (and I quote) "thanks, but no thanks to the bridge to nowhere" when she actually campaigned for it until it became politically radioactive -- so she was for the bridge to nowhere before she was against it, and then even when she came out against it, she ended up keeping the $300 million for the project. We need to find out who this "S. Palin" is who is savaging our new hot VP.

Small Town Doc said...


In Palin's speech she said she put the plane on eBay, not sold; I wonder what was the final sale price? Is that $600,000 "loss" significant compared to the total figure at sale? Not much of a story. The Bridge story has some weight, but no legs. There's no there there, either.

Small Town Doc said...

BTW, has everyone seen the fake list of books that Palin wanted banned? Absolutely incredible. Apparently the list and the story behind it was up on the official Obama website, but appears to have been scrubbed. Here's a link to the reality behind this smear.

Anonymous said...

Final price was $2.1m, valued at $2.7m. I guess it all depends on what the meaning of is is. Also -- wtf does "has some weight, but no legs" mean, media won't pursue after McCain's tantrum? Why would she go out there and lie repeatedly about this during her initial speeches? Can we have the money back from the biggest welfare state in the country, especially since her husband (and her, briefly) belonged to a group that wants to secede from the united states? I'm betting that this story doesn't have legs or weight, especially after months of questioning Obama's patriotism.

Country first, says the 'mavrick' -- seen on sign at convention, apparently less cosmopolitan, but more authentic way of spelling. Still waiting for the Keating 5 explanation (no legs, damn), now that's mavricky!

I've got to go, got to get back to praying for the alaskan pipeline, and that all gays will turn straight, and jews christian.

Small Town Doc said...

600,000 off a 2.7 mil value--about a 22% discount, acc. to my Casio fx-300MS. So . . . what?

Palin was never a member of the AIP. Another smear. According to Whoopi, they were the party that wanted to "succeed" from the Union.

As far as Keating 5, McCain was cleared of all charges against him, although he was criticized for exercising poor judgement, a fact to which even he admits. It was actually 3 Democratic senators who were severely reprimanded for their substantial and improper interference. No there there either.

Maybe she can address the Bridge issue when Obama admits he was wrong about the surge.

By the way, I'm telling mom that you are up way past your bedtime. You are SO in trouble.

Petronia said...

"that all gays will turn straight, and jews christian" Sorry, but that is pretty funny, lol :)

Both sides do only what will help them win, whether it means telling the truth (or part of it), outright lying or just ignoring issues and calling them irrelevant.