Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bridge to Gravina Island

I wonder how the people who work and live on Gravina Island feel when they are referred to as "Nowhere."

It's not like the bridge was going to dead-end in a field of caribou. The bridge would have connected the city of Ketchikan to its international airport, which is built on an island across the Inner Passage from the town; there is no road access at present, only a ferry. Pork? Yeah, probably, but really--is it any worse than this?


You know the story--Palin was for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it. What's interesting is who else was for it. Yep--Obama and Biden both voted for funding for the project, and were against diverting its funds to Katrina relief.

Against Katrina relief? Wow.

McCain is on record as opposing the Bridge. At least Palin changed her mind on the earmark, something that the Democratic ticket couldn't do, even when given a second chance.


Petronia said...

Honestly, I don't see what the huge deal is about the Bridge to Nowhere decision. Is this really one of the biggest issues on which a politician has changed their stance? Is there any politician (who attains much power) who doesn't "change his mind" for one reason or another?

Tonight at the gym I saw a snippet of the news (first time in...I don't know how long), and this time they were reviewing an interview that had been done with Palin. The issues being stressed seemed so insignificant compared to what I'd have liked to have heard about. It's like this whenever they critique or praise anyone--the media finds a big target that has an emotional bag attached to it, and they focus only on that issue either positively or negatively. Drive me nuts. Thus, I don't watch news unless it is a snippet on Digg or something silly like that.

That said, it could be I just don't grasp the full significance of the "Bridge to Nowhere" issue.

Anonymous said...

Let's not go new-clear about this!

Like the Doc, I simply cannot figure out why this is such a big deal: she has only lied about it 28 times since her nomination, and that was 2 weeks ago. I see absolutely no difference just because she has made it such a centerpiece in her stump speech and introduction to the rest of the country. Nearly 50 people lived on Gravina, and these were small town people, real people that Americans can identify with -- they had probably already "prayed away the gay" on that island. Remember it's not wasteful welfare if it's not an Urban area. Just because she said "no thanks" to the bridge, that surely doesn't mean she should have had to say "no thanks" to the money -- if that's confusing please see the updated Eskimo definition of reformer. Palin was a little over the top with her Gibson performance: to quote a line from Tropic Thunder "nobody goes full retard" -- you can see Russia from Alaska, and this makes her an expert on Russian affairs. I wonder if this "miracle of proximity" works both ways. I used the bathroom this morning and am now a master plumber.

Petronia said...
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Petronia said...

I'm too simple for all that sarcasm.

So she's been stressing it herself--it doesn't mean I myself have to focus on it when it pales in comparison to the real issues I feel she needs to be addressing with more clarity. I just have a feeling that this "Bridge to Nowhere" is a diversion; for some reason they want everyone to focus their attention on it, be it positively or negatively.

(I deleted a comment b/c I reposted the same thing twice. Sorry.)

Anonymous said...

I may have overshot that one. My apologies to everyone (except Trig, Track, Mudfoot, Hairball, Tubesock, Rifle, Rockhammer, Turnip).

David Foster Wallace R.I.P

Small Town Doc said...


You are right--it is a desperate attempt by some to sling something--anything--against Palin. The Bridge is a non-issue, like many of the other "issues" that have been tied to Palin. Since Palin doesn't have a Rev. Wright or a Bill Ayers in her background, we have to talk about her failure to pay her 4-H dues back in '81.


You know, I'm in the hunt for some baby names. I've always been fond of Jockstrap and Lungfish myself; your suggestions of Tubesock and Turnip are truly inspired.

I'm pretty sure there is a kid named Rifle at Nicole's school . . .