Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Biden's been praised for his superior intellect, and of course, his experience. But, DOOD, this guy's experience is supernatural!

He saw FDR on TV!

Honest! He even told Katie Couric:
"When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the princes of greed," Biden told Couric. "He said, 'Look, here's what happened.'"

We'll give him a pass on the Chuck Graham wheelchair incident. But, seeing FDR on TV must have been a truly special moment.

Can you imagine if McCain had said that? Or--gulp--silly Sarah Palin? What part of the internet would that NOT have been on?

Biden--even Quayler than Quayle.


Petronia said...

So, yeah, I had to do a little research 'cause it's not like I knew when the first tv came out--looks like it was 1940, eh?

Yeah, when Obama chose Biden I thought, wow, what happened to "Change" and all that jazz?

But a dumb response on Biden's part doesn't make Palin's look any better. It just makes him look silly as well.

Thanks for keeping things interesting :)

Small Town Doc said...

I found this quote over at National Review Online:

'Biden could shout on Meet the Press, “Get these squirrels off of me!” and the collective response would be, “There goes Joe again.” But if Palin flubs the name of the deputy agriculture minister of Kyrgyzstan, the media will blow their whistles saying she’s unprepared for the job.'

Biden's gaffes may not make Palin look any better (although that may be open to debate), but it does point out how vastly different the mainstream media reports on the two candidates.

Petronia said...

I see what you mean, and I'm sure you're right. I just (almost) completely disregard the way the media portrays anyone. In my eyes, neither candidate makes the other look better--not in this case at least. But as you say, the media bias is undeniable.

Anonymous said...

Wow I'm really not sure that that I agree here. Biden makes a gaffe (like Obama's 57 states), but it appears to me that these are mistakes. Palin continues (except when she's at home) to repeat lies about the bridge to nowhere, the plane on ebay, Jesus coming during her lifetime and Alaska being a country of refuge for Joel's Army -- these are not gaffes, they are lies.

Continue to blame the media (too bad with political correctness we have to call them Northeast Elite Liberals) -- I liked it better when we just called them sissy Jews. When G Gordon Liddy was a kid, this was a free country you know.

If Biden is a gaffe machine why oh why is the McCain campaign hiding her greatness (under a moose?). The latest from Lindsey Graham: let's suspend the debate until next week and cancel the VP debate altogether. It's for the good of the country of course.

John McCain invented the Blackberry, even though the Vietcong took his hands. God Bless America!!

Small Town Doc said...

Grrrr . . .

Let's take Palin's "lies," ok?

1. What specific lies about the BTN are you referring too? I'm pretty sure that neither side here has a lock on the truth. And if you are going to bring up the BTN, you better address the undying support it received from Obama and Biden.

2. What about the plane on eBay? Specifically? Didn't we spar about this already?

3. I am not familiar with the Jesus in her lifetime thing. Is this something that she believes in, or believed in? What exactly is she lying about? And you said "continues" so I am expecting a quote no more than 3 weeks old.

4. Same thing with the Joel's army deal (what is that by the way?). If someone BELIEVES in something, are they lying?

I'll refer you to this site for a collection of Palin rumors which have been debunked. Did I say rumors? More like lies--real lies. It is amazing how much of the dreck that has been debunked keeps getting circulated as fact.

Again--the point that I am making is not about the gaffes per se, but about how they get reported (or not) in the media. I don't understand how that comes across as "blaming the media."

Anonymous said...

In what respect, Charlie?

Just kidding -- you know that sometimes I go a little off message, mostly just to get a rise out of you, Doc. But what I was saying was if Biden introduced and defined what kind of candidate he would be by repeatedly insisting that he had seen FDR on TV at every turn, that would be some crazy sh*t. If Tim Kaine had been chosen and given that type of performance on Charlie Gibson, you better believe the right wingers would have known exactly what the Bush Doctrine was.

I followed the link and in a quick search I found a couple of things (she gave the money back for the BTN, yes the librarian was fired and then re-hired, according to Levi's mother they have been engaged "for a good while" is shaky at best), that aren't true, so I wonder how much of the rest of the list is either a stretch or simply a lie.

The funny thing is the right wing acts so horrified about these Palin stories when they've been circulating some pretty incredible stuff about Obama for 2 years now, but you wouldn't know anything about that "Whitey Tape" would you. My favorite aspect of that one was that when it turned out to be untrue, they pretended that they were only passing along a rumor and they never said they believed it. Maybe the liberal media is just trying to help her out by alerting her to these things.

Sarah, please come out from under that moose.

Anonymous said...

That's Real Mavericky!

Remember how funny it was that John Edwards (that fag!) got two $400 haircuts? Your gonna love this:

John Sidney McCain spent over $5500 last month on make-up, with one of the make-up artists for American Idol. Wait 'til Rush and Hannity get ahold of this.

Republican pollster Mark Mellman's declaration in the wake of the Edwards haircut flap seems still valid today:

"Voters vote mainly on who the person is. He's trying to communicate a message about who he is, a person who does not forget where he comes from... The haircut issue is significant in that context; it cuts against the story."

Small Town Doc said...

Yo, Anon--thanks for keeping my blood pressure up--keeps the arteries open, you know, stuff like that . . .

I don't think that Palin has defined her candidacy by the BTN (mentioned prominently, yes; discussed exclusively, no). I don't think SHE ever claimed to have returned the money (although I think McCain "gaffed" that she did). In the end, she did not support the BTN; Obama and Biden most certainly did.

I found the Palin Rumors site to be fairly up to date and quite accurate; if it's wrong, let me know.

I think it's pretty cool that in the last week she has been able to give interviews to both Gibson and Couric from underneath that moose, don't you?

And, if memory serves me right (as the Iron Chef would say), a whole lot of those Obama rumors came from the Hilary camp. Or is she part of that vast, right-wing conspiracy now? That "whitey" tape--pretty much a dead story, yet Palin's banned booklist and Satan's lizards? Still got legs. And Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers--not exactly rumors.

You know, I'm pretty sure that Dad knew both Mickey Rooney AND Gordon Liddy on Valette Street. And you still are a great American.

S. Dunn said...
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Sarah said...

Settle down, kids.

I'm not gonna lie, politics generally give me a headache. But the Biden quote did make me laugh...