Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Enlightened Electorate, and a New Respect

Two stories here:

First, an interesting Zogby poll of Obama voters. In this poll, they didn't seem, well, very knowledgable. More than half (way more than half) could not identify which party controlled Congress. Seventy-two percent did not know that Biden had quit a previous campaign over charges of plagiarism. Almost 90% did not know about Obama's stance on the coal industry.

They were pretty informed on Sarah Palin, though. Most were convinced (falsely) that Palin said she could see Russia from her window. And over 90% knew that she had a pregnant teenage daughter.

This is not about how dumb Obama voters are; there are obviously Obama voters out there who are much more informed about our government (although the majority of this sample were high-school and college grads). And there were plenty of examples of McCain supporters during the campaign who were most likely dropped on their heads in the delivery room. It's about the meme that by and large, Obama voters were somehow hipper and smarter than those racist Neanderthals who voted for the other guy. The idea that Obama voters are more focused on the "real issues" is maybe not so true after all.

Second, the #2 guy at Al Qaeda (vice-president? deputy CEO? assistant to the regional manager?) used a racial epithet in a message to President-elect Obama, referring to him (along with secretaries of state Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice) as "house negroes."

And you thought we were going to be respected now . . . awwww . . .

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Sean said...

Trying to keep a deal together tonight, but I got your message tonight and will give you a call tomorrow.

I wish I had more time for you tonight: great story about Vincent Taylor, and Jacko... but I think you left out one thing about the polls -- one if the people that participated in the poll about Sarah Palin was Sarah Pailn herself. What's really weird is that all Obama supporters are snooty elitist PHD's, but at the same time really dumb about charges of plagiarism from 1988. We all know one thing though: the story from African Press International is going to break any day now, along with the "whitey tape". Obama will not be sworn in because he is actually Malcolm X's illegitimate son, and was born in Cairo, and is a Muslim, or the anti-christ (or both!). Michelle and him are going to make a run for Russia with all their ill-gotten donations, and the secular-humanist gays and brown people will riot and take over the country and we won't celebrate Christmas, but instead everyone will be forced to have a late term abortions instead, and all guns and flag pins will be confiscated. America would have survived all of this, but the tipping point was when the top 5% of earners were asked to pay an extra 2% in taxes, and they all went John Galt on us -- well that did it. Instapundit's wife led the charge, and the Anchoress became the head fake nun for the new community. A final prayer goes out: that Joe the fake plumber and Sarah the bankrupt car wash owner (I mean entrepreneur) will return this country to greatness and separate (but equal!) water fountains, the way the good lord intended.