Thursday, January 8, 2009

Torture and rendition

As long as the left is patiently holding its breath, waiting for Bush or Cheney to be arrested and tried for war crimes, we perhaps should consider this. As early as spring of 2002, key members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, including Nancy Pelosi, were briefed thoroughly, and repeatedly, on the CIA's covert antiterror interrogation programs. Since they did nothing to stop the programs, wouldn't they also be complicit in these "crimes?" It will be interesting to see how this goes down; after all, the story is that Bush just thought up this torture stuff all by himself, sitting at his ranch in Crawford. Instead, it seems that intelligence officials were acting in good faith and with the full knowledge of key Members of Congress.

And rendition--the handing over of prisoners to other countries where torture is allowed--wasn't that a Bush invention? A lot of people seem to think so, but the program was really developed during the Clinton administration (see here and here).

And who's being named as the new head of CIA? Leon Panetta, Clinton's chief of staff.

Hope and change for everyone.

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