Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just friends

I don't think anyone is saying that President-elect Obama is directly tied to the sale of his recently vacated Senate seat by Gov. Blago. Most of the MSM and even the boys at FoxNews have been careful to preface their reporting on this story by remarks to that effect.

But for some reason, Obama has steadfastly claimed that no one on his staff had any contact with Blago about the Senate seat. It is quite clear that it would not have been illegal for Obama or anyone on his team to have had discussions about his replacement (as long as they didn't discuss pricing options). But it is becoming clearer that members of Obama's staff did indeed have contact on this issue with the beleaguered governor, perhaps with some of them being taped. I am baffled as to why Obama has seemingly backed himself into a corner on this issue.

I believe that there are some good politicians in the State of Illinois, just as there are a few here in the State of Louisiana (it sure is nice to have someone else wearing the mantle of Most Corruptedest State Evah for a change). I believe it is possible to play in the political mudpit without getting too soiled, although it probably requires superhuman effort. The Illinois scandal has the potential to engulf the President-elect unless he is completely forthcoming and ready to jettison anyone who had a direct role to play in the illegalities.

For someone who didn't realize how rabid his own pastor was, and then had only a fleeting idea that Bill Ayers had done something wrong a long, long time ago--well, maybe it is possible that he had no idea that Gov. Blago was a scum-sucking invertebrate bottom-feeder.


Petronia said...

Dave, one thing we have in common is that people who read our blogs will have no question about where we stand on certain issues :)

Anonymous said...

No, of course no one is saying that Obama's involved in this at all -- are you f'ing kidding? You know that the only reason the story has any legs is so the right wing can hint that Obama (for going on 2 weeks now!) is involved. "As long as Obama jettisons anyone involved in this"...did you have this same opinion when Bush said he would fire anyone in his administration that had anything to do with a CIA agents identity being compromised? I'll have to go through your archives to read your September post about how horrible it was that the Bush appointees at the interior department were trading cocaine (and sex) for bonuses. Oh, and I'm sure you were equally horrified when Cheney used those awful dirty words (like Mrs. Blago) on the floor of the senate.

Also, I forgot: the only people that know "how the military works" are Republicans, not those evil America hating blue staters. So disregard the fact that those that die from war injuries out of Iraq are not counted, but are still hidden at Dover when their bodies return --at least they are still shown that respect by the patriotic part of this great country.

Quick math question: Chicago = 2.8 million people, 135,000 = troops in Iraq -- is this anywhere near a fair comparison?

One more thing: will you please let me know if Mrs. Instaputz is following through on her threat to "go John Galt" on us if Obama won, I can't bear to look.

Small Town Doc said...

The only reason that this story has any legs? The governor of the state of Illinois is arrested and charged with attempting to sell a Senate seat vacated by the President-elect and it's supposed to be a non-story? There's a lot of audio out there that no one has gotten to yet, and there is some relationship between Obama and Blago. How much? Or maybe no one should be "wasting" their questions on this, and just let it go? Change we can believe in!

Wasn't it Armitage who outed Plame? And I'm sure that Bush himself directed those "appointees" to use drugs and climb into bed with the mining companies. Why is this more of a concern than say, Chris Dodd and Countrywide, or Charlie Rangel, which I'm pretty sure the Kossacks are not covering?

You know, i wasn't horrified at all when Cheney was a potty mouth on the Senate floor. I mean everyone knows that he's just an evil being with cloven hooves who likes to eat Iraqi children as an appetizer; I EXPECT him to use that sort of language. I don't expect the guv's wife to be complicit in trying to stifle the press, much less screaming f*** while she does it. More unbecoming of her than of Cheney, don't you think?

Direct me to the accounting of the Iraqi war dead--I really would like to see what's up, and if it is a departure from how injuries/deaths have been accounted for in other conflicts. I promise to bow down in submission if I am wrong.

Pretty sure no one over @ Instapundit went all Galt, but then of course, Alec Baldwin (et al.) still have US passports, right? And his threat to leave was delivered in no uncertain terms.

You know, Hannity's gonna need a wingman soon . . .