Monday, October 20, 2008

Plumbers, SNL, Ayers, etc.

A smattering of political observations:

--Palin (you know, the one that the Secret Service isolated from the press) has been increasingly press-available (although I missed the SNL appearance, she helped garner their highest ratings in something like 14 years), yet according to CBS, Biden (3 letter word---J-O-B-S!) has not had a press conference in more than a month, and Obama has not taken questions from the press corps since the end of September.

--He did take an unfortunate question from Joe the plumber, and Joe's life hasn't been the same. The MSM was quite diligent in uncovering Joe's license status, tax liens, etc., all of which ignores the ACTUAL ISSUE of what Obama actually said to the guy.

--But, as Lileks notes in today's Bleat, "the small things matter, which is why Joe the Plumber has to be vetted, and Biden’s gaffes ignored. The big things are in the past, and the past is irrelevant."
He's got a good post about the Ayers and Obama connection (and yes, there is one). To me, it's kind of like the Wright thing; how did he sit there for 20 years and not hear anything objectionable from that pulpit? The fact that Obama was only 8 years old when Ayers was violently active is completely irrelevant. Out of all the people in Chicago to politically associate himself with, he picks Bill Ayers? Chicago has something like 2.8 million people; surely there was someone else he could have chosen to help launch his career.

More from Lileks:

You have to ask yourself how the media would cover a long-standing association between John McCain and a fellow who, in the hurly-burly-mixed-up-folderol of the Civil Rights Era, went a little too far and burned some Black churches, or led a group devoted to blowing up abortion clinics. Mind you, he was never convicted – technicalities, which was ironic, because Conservatives hate those – but he went on to serve on school boards and charity foundations that advocated for States’ Rights, an issue dear to conservative hearts. Imagine the deets are the same – cozy fundraisers, serving on the same boards, McCain’s name on Bomber Bob’s memoir. Add to that some other parallels – say, McCain attended a church that praised a fellow who believed black people were descended from the devil, and believed Jesus was an Aryan.

John McCain wouldn’t be the nominee, and if by some chance that happened, this association would be draped around his neck every day.

But, of course, it's more important to know about the details of the plumbers life.


Petronia said...

In case you didn't get to see it :)

Anonymous said...

I am getting real fed up with the liberal media and new york times going after regular people. Joe the plumber and Ashley the innocent victim are two of the most patriotic and well informed citizens we are lucky enough to have in this country at this time. Yes Joe (I mean Samuel) had to admit that he is not actually getting ready to buy a business, and in fact would benefit more from Obama's tax plan than McCain's -- that's not the point, the point is he was trying to make a point, a point that he feels very passionate about. I feel the same way about our other New American Patriot Ashley Todd. So what if she wasn't actually attacked by a big black guy for having a McCain bumper sticker on her car, surely that doesn't mean that we can't all be having some serious second thoughts about having one of them in the white house (of all places!), I know I am.

We can't let the elites (you know, the type of people that spend $18K a week on clothes, and $22K a month on make-up) tell us who we can or can't believe in, because without these modern statesmen, where would we be?

Small Town Doc said...


Glad to see your back!

Attack the messenger! He asked Obama an embarassing question! HE MUST BE STOPPED!

This kind of energetic investigative reporting would have been better spent looking into Obama/ACORN connections, or Obama/Ayers connections. But it's so much easier to go after the guy asking the questions. Do you know for a fact that he was not getting ready to buy a business (I'll bet whatever plans he had before he asked that fateful question have been scrapped now)? Which Obama's tax plan are you talking about?

BTW--Ms. Todd (I am assuming you are referring to the dimbulb who tried to pull a Tawana Brawley) and her story were widely looked at suspiciously by most of the blogosphere. I am assuming you also heard that the "death threats" supposedly yelled during a Palin rally did not occur.