Friday, May 23, 2008


Emma has been home from school most of the week, with fever and generalized grouchiness. Lots of mouth breathing, too. Not fun.

It was the last day of school for Nicole, and they held the awards ceremony today. The whole 2nd grade numbers only about 15 kids, so they start calling out the names for the Honor Roll medals, and they don't call her name. Hmmm. Anya was there, and could see the distress building in Nicole's face.

Then, they called the straight A students; Nicole was only one of two students to get all A's---you go girl! So, she got a trophy from the principal himself. I think she was pretty proud of herself; I know Anya and I are.

So begins the summer. I remember the excitement of the last day of school when I was a kid, and how the summer seemed to stretch ahead of me almost endlessly. It's sad to think that we didn't have SpongeBob 24/7, or the Internet. No--we had to play outside, all day long. I'm pretty sure I didn't wear shoes for about three months; by the time summer ended, the bottoms of my feet were transformed into some sort of human leather soles, impervious to rocks, glass and probably razor blades. There was a lot of bike riding and kick-the-can, and periodically we would get obsessed with marbles, or yo-yo's, or spinning tops. Do kids even know what to do with a top anymore?

Okay--I don't want to sound like some old guy with a creaky voice and baggy pants, so I better stop. I am hoping the girls can get out and enjoy their summer with their friends and just have a good time.


Anonymous said...

david--this is your mother again. don't you have any better photos of the girls? they are so precious and these photos just don't do them justice.
love, mother

Petronia said...

I am dying to see our sweet nieces. Nicole is so grown up!