Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Springtime and religious freedom

Everything is green here--the pecan trees have finally caught up with the rest of the trees. The pale, I-just-sprouted-and boy-is-it-cold green of March has now slid into the robust verdure of April. It's nice that we have some big trees surrounding our house; as the temps start to climb in a few weeks, the shade will be a godsend.

I was struck by the anguish of the Texas FLDS/Mormon mothers who were saddened by the authorities removing their children. I can only imagine the depth of the despair that a mother must feel when she is forcibly separated from her child.

And yet . . . these women did not seem to mind as they watched their pre-teen daughters married off to 55 year old men. For them, this was okay and perhaps even desirable. No--their tears and anger should have been in response to the actions of their church "elders" ("lechers," or "creeps" is probably a better term) rather than in response to the Texas child protection services. I have trouble sympathizing with them. I'm not necessarily happy with SWAT teams raiding "compounds" (what exactly constitutes a "compound," anyways?), but when your religious "expression" encompasses child abuse, or rape, or terrorism, well--then by all means, say hello to my little friends, you know?

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